Photography by Benjamin Howell



4/21/24 PROF, GRIP, Futuristic, Willie Wonka
4/20/24 Bass Country: Spring 2024 [SOLD OUT]
4/19/24 Priscilla Block, Ryan Larkins [SOLD OUT]
4/19/24 Thy Art Is Murder, AngelMaker, Sings of the Swarm
4/14/24 Charles Wesley Godwin, Kashus Culpepper [SOLD OUT]
4/14/24 Big Something, The Ries Brothers
4/13/24 Boogie T, TRUTH, Saka B2B FLY
4/12/24 KARUTH, Shakti
4/12/24 Larry Fleet, Austin Williams
4/11/24 Jessie Murph, Matt Schuster [SOLD OUT]
4/7/24 Scary Pockets, David Ryan Harris
4/6/24 INFEKT, Versa, HAMRO
4/6/24 Chappell Roan, Queens [SOLD OUT]


3/31/24 Bumpin Uglies, Bikini Trill [SOLD OUT]
3/30/24 Emo Nite ft. Travis Clark
3/29/24 Armchair Boogie, Cold Leather Seats
3/28/24 Samantha Fish, JD Simo
3/28/24 Ruston Kelly
3/16/24 Peekaboo, Tripp St., Wink, Flats Stanlie [SOLD OUT]
3/26/24 Less Than Jake, Strung Out!
3/25/24 The Glorious Sons, Southall
3/22/24 BabyTron, Certified Trapper, Babyfxce E [SOLD OUT]
3/21/24 Kai Wachi, Prosecute, Nimda, Lowke
3/20/24 Alestorm, Elvenking, Glyph
3/16/24 Peekaboo, Tripp St., Wink, Flats Stanlie
3/16/24 Circles Around The Sun, Mikaela Davis and Southern Star
3/16/24 Texas Hippie Coalition, Citizen-Kane
3/15/24 Dopapod, Chirp
3/15/24 Tyler Booth, Family Tradition Band, Sage Castleberry
3/13/24 GWAR, Cancer Bats
3/12/24 TopHouse, The Wildwoods [SOLD OUT]
3/11/24 Gary Numan, Front Line Assembly
3/9/24 Trixie Mattel, DJ Mateo Segade [SOLD OUT]
3/9/24 Scythian, Stillhouse Junkies
3/8/24 Gyasi, The American Hotel System, After Midnight
3/2/24 The Four Horsemen
3/1/24 Crankdat, Alleycvt, Attak, Osiris [SOLD OUT]
3/1/24 Chase Matthew, Austin Snell


2/29/24 Kylie Morgan, Sam DeRosa
2/25/24 Veeze, Talibando, Myaap
2/24/24 A Hundred Drums, VEIL, Yoko, Veronica Eileen
2/24/24 Tropidelic, Ballyhoo!, The Palmer Squares
2/17/24 VLCN, Lowke B2B MWHY, Riinknation, Ghøst, Manahi
2/17/24 Sango, Savon, The Seventh, VenusFlyyTrap
2/16/24 Jackson Dean, Dee White, Mae Estes
2/10/24 Dylan Marlowe, Old Hickory [SOLD OUT]
2/9/24 Walker & Royce, Wenzday
2/9/24 Josh Meloy, Kenny Feidler and The Cowboy Killers
2/8/24 The Record Company, Jesse Ahern
2/3/24 HE$H, Prosecute
2/3/24 Railroad Earth
2/2/24 Nate Smith, Dylan Schneider [SOLD OUT]
2/1/24 Badfish – Sublime Tribute, The Quasi Kings


1/27/24 SunSquabi, 5AM
1/25/24 SubDocta, Digital Ethos
1/20/24 Kameron Marlowe, Logan Crosby, Laci Kaye Booth
1/20/24 Kanin Wren’s Taylor Swift Experience
1/19/24 Kill The Noise, Hostage Situation, Submit, Tocsin
1/19/24 Late Night Radio, Poldoore, Motifv
1/19/23 Tennessee Whiskey Chicago, Ultimate Eric Church Tribute



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