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Street Team

Basically, the Intersection Street Team is the ‘guerilla’ marketing team that we utilize to spread the word on our shows and events. I would like to stress TEAM. It’s a team effort, with everyone benefiting from getting the job done right. You may have been on ‘street’ teams before that have complex systems for getting freebies. We basically keep track of what you do and hook you up accordingly. Keep reading, for all the answers to your questions lie within.

How we do it?

Flyer Runs– once monthly we ask that teamers hit their areas (campus, downtown, eastown, out of town) with flyers/posters. We also ask that the teamer continue to check and make sure that the flyers are still up, or not covered up.
Flyer Hits — this is where with a mass in numbers at various events, concerts (including some at our venue), festivals, etc. Our only job is to pass out handbills of our upcoming events. On occasion we can hook up free passes to the shows we’re at.

Misc. Junk

Under this category falls everything else. From assisting a national band with finding their way around town, to working tables/merch/etc. at shows. This is where the fun begins…On-going Projects:


Let all your friends know that they too can receive free show passes, cds, etc. Trouble areas include Traverse City, East Lansing, Kalamazoo, Big Rapids, Ann Arbor, Muskegon–just about anywhere and everywhere.


Let us know about anything and everything. Upcoming shows on campus that we should have a presence at, local acts you think are good for the club, National acts that we should know about–the sky is the limit on your feedback. Feel free to contact me anytime (information is below) for anything.

Your Free Stuff!

Shows—  Not only can we hook you up with tix to Intersection shows, but if you ever want to see something at The DeltaPlex or Van Andel, just let us know. Sometimes we can get you on the guest list. The overall concept is if you’re working hard, as a part of this team, then we’ll do whatever possible to make it worth it.

If You’re Interested:

Please send complete contact information to [email protected] to join our street team!

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