Playing the Intersection

The Intersection primarily books national bands or local bands that have a following. We also support up and coming bands that are looking for their start in the music industry. For our smaller, 400 capacity shows we have “The Stache” where nationals get booked, and we try to give other smaller bands their shot to prove themselves.


Opening slots are limited (most nationals bring their own support) or reserved for bands that we feel are working hard in Grand Rapids and have developed a following. We look for local support that not only fits the bill musically, but will also be able to bring in a good number of their fans.


What to do

All booking is done through email. MP3s, Facebook, and Reverbnation is preferred to listen to your band.

1) When we need local support for a show we will email our band mailing list. To sign up for this, email and / or¬†with “New Band” in the header.¬†Please include the following info: band email, band name, main contact person, phone number, website or Facebook, and city. Be sure to include a link to where we can listen to your music. You will the start to receive emails when we are looking for support. Please remember that these emails go out to a large number of bands, so only reply to a show that you know you can do very well with.


2 ) Begin research into some of our local regional talent that frequents the club… Many of our “regulars” do independent productions, which means that they bring in their own opening acts. Most of these bands are very open to our suggestions, but since most are trying to break into new markets, often they are looking at trading shows with new bands from other markets or using up-and-coming locals with a solid draw to add to their bill(s). If you would like a suggestion of an act that might fit well with your band, please e-mail us a brief musical description and we will do our best to steer you in the right direction.


3 ) PLEASE NOTE, it is often difficult for out-of-town bands to break into this market on their own, given the sheer number of national and local acts that we have playing here.